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Christmas Jungle Joy Album

Christmas Jungle Joy – DJ Ryde – Fresh DEM Records

Happy Christmas everyone and have a happy New Year. These Christmas tracks will liven up your day and beyond, there from the public domain and have been remixed by DJ Ryde. They have the rejoiceful Christmas vibe intro, that drops into fully danceable jungle tracks with a modern twist. This won’t be wasted minutes of your life if anything these tracks will enhance your moment of pleasure. Enjoy throughout to the new year 2020 and enjoy your life and spread love and harmony 🙂




FRESH DEM RECORDS is about coming with fresh idea’s using any sound and not being locked into a process of making music, it’s about the vibe and feeling of where your Mind, Body and Soul (MBS) takes you. Sometimes we have to switch ourselves off from the world and be in that mode for creative enlightenment. So if the music sounds odd it was meant to be, as music is in the ears of the beholder and is subjective. So if you’re looking for something different then this is the place to be and we welcome you to the future journey of sonic delight. Music is designed for your moods. FRESH DEM RECORDS was founded in 20th April 2018 there’s no address as the ship hasn’t landed yet. We tackle any genre of music but focusing on EDM genre types of music at the moment. Dj Ryde, DEM Dangerous Energy Movement is currently signed with the label and they’re free to work with others. Your welcome to browse our shop and support us in this journey

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